April 25


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By David Cowlin

April 25, 2018

We’re proud to announce some exciting new online tools and features that our customers and everyone else can take advantage of. Our team at HL Hamilton is committed to helping our clients get the greatest possible value out of their insurance. A huge part of living up to that commitment is helping people better understand their insurance policies and the many benefits available to them. If getting to know your insurance better is something that matters to you, then read on!

1. myHLHamilton

This brand new app and web portal allows you to instantly access all of your policy information, speak to your agent, and even pull up your pink slips. Not only will it allow you be able to pull up your policy anytime, anywhere, it’s the fastest way to receive updates and information straight from your agent that is relevant to you! It’s available today to download on your iPhone and Android, or you can access it through your browser. To set up your myHLHamilton account, call your agent today!

2. Connect With Your Insurance

Our social media accounts are now live, and we’re thrilled to start using them to connect with our customers and others. Make sure you follow our Twitter and pages so you can keep up with what’s happening in your community, learn useful tips to save money, and of course, connect with your insurance company.

David Cowlin

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